Monday, 28 September 2015

36th Monthsary

It has been three years since 2012 and it's been nothing short of amazing. Sure there were times when we quarreled like small kids, got upset over even the smallest matter but i'm more proud to say we were always happy to be with each other. We protect each other like siblings and love each other like husband and wife. I'm just so glad that three years ago, we were brought together. No one would have imagined that an innocent outing such as house visiting during hari raya would turn out to be our meeting place. I would tell my children how i meet their mother and how powerful Allah is to show us to our fate and meet our soulmate. It never occurred to me that i would meet such a beautiful girl in my entire life. 

Dear Nur Syairah,

Thank you for the amazing three years. I hope we will continue until eternity and reach our goal in five years. You are nothing but perfect. You are beautiful. Thank you for each and every moment that you stood by me and for making me feel appreciated. Without your support, life would be so much different. My studies and serving the nation would have been hell, but you made it a whole lot sweeter and bearable. You have been providing for me, feeding me, loving me and caring for me even in the toughest of times and never left me when i'm at my lowest. All that you have done for me can never be repayed and i will always be debted to you. Thank you sayang for everything. You are my other half and my entire world. Thank you for the 36th monthsary! To many many many more monthsaries to come 💙

Mr Love

This is rather late because it's already been 12 days since 16th September which is our 3rd anniversary. Nonetheless, my love deserves a dedicated post because she is really an amazing woman. Now that she's studying, i pray that you pass all your modules and exams and tests and presentation so that in 2017, we can go to university together and help each other with our work. Speaking of which, i've yet to apply to university again. I should start researching soon. 

Only three months left to the end of 2015. It's been good, it's been fun and whole lot of craziness but i hope 2016 will be a lot better given that it's my ord year and i'll turn 21! Woohoo!